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Pilates Class – One common question we are asked at Mandurah Health is:

Which Pilates class is best?
Mat Work Pilates? Studio Pilates? Or Clinical Pilates?

When choosing your first Pilates class, the first step is to assess your current health status and fitness level and think about what your personal goals are. Some people may want to focus on improving their overall fitness, balance, flexibility and strength, whereas others may be seeking relief for Chronic pain symptoms. In this case, their GP, Chiropractor, or other health professional may have recommended Pilates.

Your qualified Pilates instructor will listen to your feedback and be able to guide you to the most appropriate class for your needs and goals. Here is a basic overview of some points to consider when choosing your class:

Pilates Matwork or Reformer Class:

A Group Matwork or Reformer Pilates class can be a great place to start your Pilates journey with a qualified instructor.

Pilates Matwork classes are often suitable for beginners to learn the fundamental principles of Pilates and progressively learn new skills over time. Matwork classes can also include the use of small props such as Fitballs, foam rollers and bands to increase the fitness challenge. An added bonus of Pilates Matwork classes is that you are able to do these versatile exercises anywhere, including at home or when travelling on holidays.

A Pilates Reformer class may, like the Matwork group class, be a fun and challenging way to learn Pilates exercises in a group setting. Classes may have 8 Reformer machines, for example, which means that the instructor can guide participants through a range of exercises using the resistance of springs to help build bone strength and fitness.

Fusion Pilates classes may include Pilates-inspired classes for fitness, with barre, dance, yoga or sports specific themes. These classes can be great, energising workout for cardiovascular fitness and endurance. It may also be ideal for those who enjoy the social aspect of a group environment and participating in a choreographed class.

Studio Pilates sessions are ideal for expanding your Pilates repertoire beyond the mat with either private training, or workouts with a friend. A circuit workout with Pilates studio equipment can be beneficial for challenging your fitness, balance, strength and flexibility.

Clinical Pilates sessions are ideal for focusing specifically on your body’s needs, particularly for injury rehabilitation, medical conditions, prenatal and postnatal care or if you are experiencing symptoms of pain and have been referred by your GP to a Clinical Pilates program.

During your Initial Consultation with a Clinical Pilates instructor, they may discuss with you your medical history, current health and fitness level, as well as your goals. Muscle tests and postural and movement analysis are also included in your consultation.

Balance, stability, flexibility and strength can all be targeted through a Clinical Pilates program in the studio. Example Pilates equipment you may find in a studio include the Reformer, the Wunda Chair and the Ladder Barrel. Studio equipment may help challenge the muscles but at the same time assist movement.

A Clinical Pilates instructor may work in liaison with your GP, Chiropractor and other Allied Health Professionals when appropriate. They will ensure that your program is specific to your personal needs, whether your goal is pain relief, prevention of injury, improving sports performance, pregnancy health or postnatal fitness.

As movement professionals, Clinical Pilates instructors focus on achieving the best outcome for the client’s needs, through targeted exercises, appropriate adjustments to their posture and helping the client to address any faulty movement patterns.

Fitness is synonymous with good health and Pilates is an excellent way to balance and strengthen the body with controlled and mindful movement. All Pilates sessions are centered on the same fundamental premise: that movement is healing for the body. As Joseph Pilates – the creator of Pilates – once stated: “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

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