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Join Us In Our Boutique Studio

In June this year, Mandurah Health Chiropractic Clinic will commence 1:1 45 minute Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates sessions at our beautiful boutique studio overlooking the beach.

Key Benefits

Studies show that exercise during Pregnancy and after birth can be highly beneficial for health, fitness and mental wellbeing – and Pilates in particular can be particularly helpful as it is focused on control, precision and technique, as well as strength and stability.

We believe education and information is empowering, and we help you to choose the best studio exercises to support your health and fitness during and after pregnancy. This way you can feel more confident in understanding which exercises we recommend, and which ones we may avoid, and why.

Tailored Sessions

Our Clinical Pilates sessions follow exercise guidelines which are tailored to suit each trimester, improving your fitness, and supporting your pelvic floor muscles (helping to avoid incontinence or prolapse) and core stability.

Postural changes are common during and after pregnancy and can cause symptoms of discomfort and pain – often in the lower back, shoulders, neck and pelvis. A Prenatal Pilates session in our studio is always 1:1 with an instructor so that you are able to participate in a studio program that supports your body throughout your session, without placing extra pressure on your joints.

An additional bonus of Pilates is that it may help to maintain core and muscular strength in preparation for labour and assist in physical recovery after birth, as well as improving the strength to carry and lift baby and equipment, such as prams.

After receiving medical clearance to return to exercise, Postnatal Pilates sessions can help you to restore your strength, energy and pelvic floor health with a gentle and progressive exercise plan. As with all of our programs, our team is available to discuss and explain any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your fitness program. Our Healthcare technology programs may help you to continue to build your core strength and stability and fitness levels between your studio sessions.

Book A Session

The Pregnancy and Postnatal sessions are always private to ensure that the program is suitable for you personally. To book a session from June onwards, we recommend that you check for available session times by calling our Chiropractic Assistant team or emailing us.

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