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Men Can Do Pilates Too!

We want to review the idea that this workout is only suitable for women, dancers, or people who are very flexible! It really can be beneficial for everybody, for all ages and stages of life.

After receiving the positive feedback from attendees after the “Pilates for Surfers” workshop we held at Mandurah Health Chiropractic clinic, we wanted to encourage more men to discover the benefits of Pilates.

Benefits Of Our New Class

Our team member Calvin Galbraith has created a new and efficient Pilates mat work class to:

  • address muscular imbalances
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • increase motor control
  • improve movement patterns for everyday activities and
  • enhance sports performance

Personalised Attention

All of our studio mat work classes are limited to only 4 participants – this is to ensure that we give our clients personalised attention, feedback and guidance. An experienced diver, surfer and swimmer, Clinical instructor Calvin Galbraith is committed to providing you with the confidence to challenge your strength and stability, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

View Our Timetable

In addition to these two new class additions to our timetable, we have other sessions and times available that are not always listed online, so please call our friendly team any time to discuss which class may be best for your goals.

In our final blog post in this series, we discuss Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates sessions at Mandurah Health clinic.

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