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Mandurah Health Chiropractic Team
Mandurah Health Chiropractic is a caring and family oriented practice, serving the Mandurah community for over 20 years. The Mandurah Health Chiropractic team has proudly supported various local sporting groups and events within the community. Our Chiropractic Assistant and Administration Team is available to help you with any queries, and assist you in accessing the best of Chiropractic care.

Adam Bidesi

Doctor of Chiropractic

Adam Bidesi grew up in Perth and attended Churchlands Senior School.  Throughout his school years, he participated in a wide variety of sports, and as a result Chiropractic health care was important. 

Having personally experienced the benefits of Chiropractic growing up, Adam decided to pursue this path on a professional basis.  Adam attended the RMIT University in Melbourne.  After working at clinics in country WA and Perth, Adam established Mandurah Health Chiropractic Centre, with the goal to provide excellence in Chiropractic care for the local community.  

Adam is a member of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia, and with a passion for health, he regularly attends current Chiropractic and health-related educational seminars.  Adam enjoys surfing, swimming and cycling and spending time with his family and wife Raechelle.

Anthony Manning

Doctor of Chiropractic

Anthony graduated from Murdoch University in Perth in 2009 after completing his 5-year degree in Chiropractic (BSc, Bch).

He started work at Mandurah Health Chiropractic Centre 6 years ago and has developed a keen interest in sports injury and rehabilitation. 

His primary modality of treatment is manual adjusting, but he is also versed in other techniques including dry needling, taping and low force manipulation.

Marina Yazdan

Doctor of Chiropractic

After recognising the benefits of Chiropractic care to health, Marina wanted to educate and provide this care to others.

She graduated from Murdoch University in Perth with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Chiropractic.  Marina was presented as Dux of Second Year Chiropractic Science by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia, and upon graduation from Murdoch University, was the recipient of the Best Academic Performance award for 5 years.  

Marina has a passion for optimising the health of the young and old alike and has a strong interest in helping to improve the quality of life for her patients.  

Marina enjoys photography and capturing the beautiful Australian landscape and spending time with her husband Ramin.  Marina is registered with the Chiropractic Board of Australia (AHPRA) and is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA).

Raechelle Bidesi

Pilates Studio Manager

Raechelle has worked in the health industry for over 15 years, including as a Chiropractic Assistant. 

Raechelle’s experience in fitness includes teaching gym classes, yoga and Pilates sessions for a variety of clients, including commercial groups and community organisations. Raechelle has certification in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates, and enjoys helping clients achieve their personal goals with Clinical Pilates sessions.  Raechelle holds professional membership with the Pilates Alliance Australasia.

Calvin Galbraith

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Calvin is passionate about assisting people in achieving their personal goals to live an active, healthy, happy lifestyle. Calvin’s interests include sports injuries, prevention management, and evidence-based practices.

Calvin’s background in the Australian Defence Force (Navy) involved him maintaining a high level of fitness and managing injuries.
Calvin was able to achieve this through Clinical Pilates. Calvin has since been inspired to assist others on how to elevate pain and self-manage their health. Calvin is certified in the Diploma of Clinical Pilates and holds a professional membership with Pilates Alliance Australasia.

As Calvin has grown up in Mandurah he understands and enjoys the community and culture unique to the area. His hobbies include surfing, free diving swimming, and yoga.

Mandurah Health Chiropractic & Mandurah Bowliing Club
“We are proud sponsors of the Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club”
Mandurah Health Chiropractic & Mandurah Bowliing Club
Mandurah Health - Chiropractic and Pilates
Mandurah Health Chiropractic and Pilates

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