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Book Online Matwork Pilates

Mandurah Pilates Level 1
Mandurah Pilates Level 2
  • 10 Sessions
  • Progress your Pilates workout
  • Experience a flowing class for improving balance, coordination, strength and fitness
  • Props may include: Pilates ball, Fitball, theraband, weights, foam roller, Pilates ring
Mandurah Pilates Level 3
  • Suitable for intermediate level Pilates
  • A dynamic Pilates class
  • Challenge your Pilates strength, fitness and technique with a total body workout
  • Improve flexibility and mobility with additional stretch and release work
Pilates At Home Mandurah Health

Is Online Pilates Suitable For You?

Our online Matwork classes may not be suitable for Pregnancy, if you have injuries, conditions or are new to exercise.

You should seek clearance from your Medical Practitioner before commencing our Pilates classes.

If you have injuries, conditions or are Pregnant, we offer Clinical Pilates programs at the Mandurah Health Clinic.

Pilates At Home Mandurah Health

New beginner Pilates Matwork classes commencing this Spring every Monday!

Book these live streaming classes via our website or call our friendly team at Mandurah Health.

Spaces are limited!

To book an appointment with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic or Clinical Pilates team members, call our office today:

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