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Swimming is one of our most popular sports, and is an excellent way to stay fit. However, like all sports, there can be potential for injury. Shoulder injuries are the most common issue for swimmers, however knee pain and hip pain can also be problem areas.

Often swimmers experience pain due to repetitive overtraining or poor stroke technique. In addition, work habits and postural issues may also affect the body when exercising.

Here are some tips to ensure you stay injury free:

If pain is experienced during swimming, it’s important to discontinue the activity and rest
A Chiropractor will be able to assess your musculoskeletal system and your movement to ensure that any faulty biomechanics are corrected when you swim
A qualified swim coach can advise you about any issues with your stroke technique and help you to correct this
Pilates sessions may be beneficial to help stabilise and support the joints and strengthen core muscles
Include other activities into your fitness routine to avoid overtraining
Create variety in your swim program, including different distances, paces and levels of intensity
Be patient – injuries are often developed over time and it may take time and consistent effort to align the body and master a new stroke technique.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for all ages. By ensuring you take you the right approach to exercise you will be able to enjoy its many benefits and stay injury free in and out of the water.