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First Time Visiting Us?

If this is your first Chiropractic appointment with us please ensure that you have booked an Initial Consultation appointment and not a Standard appointment. This is to allow for time to fully assess your medical history, records, and current symptoms, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of symptoms, as appropriate. There is also a Seniors rate and Student rate available for our Standard appointments.

Has Your Last Visit Been 3 Years or More?

A re-assessment appointment is required if you have visited our clinic more than 3 years ago. Your practitioner will offer recommended treatment for your musculoskeletal health based on a detailed assessment of your health history and information since your last visit. Please bring any scans, and reports to your appointment.

Do you Require a Longer Appointment?

An extended Chiropractic appointment may be booked if you require a longer duration for your appointment. These appointments may include more time for your recommended treatment plan which may include Chiropractic spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy, dry needling, taping soft tissue therapy or rehabilitative exercises.

New Patient – First Appointment

Initial Consultation & Treatment

Are you a new patient and need to make your first appointment with us?

Please click below to book an Initial Chiropractic consultation, including assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Existing Patient

Standard Chiropractic Appointment

Are you an existing patient at Mandurah Health and have already attended your initial consult?

Please click below to schedule a Standard Chiropractic appointment with us.

Re-assessment Appointment

Chiropractic Re-assessment
If you have attended Mandurah Health as a Chiropractic Patient 3 years or more, then you will need to book a re-assessment. If you have not visited for more than 5 years, then you will need to book as an Initial Consultation.

Extended Appointment

Chiropractic Extended Appointment
If you require a longer duration appointment, you will need to book an extended appointment. Please book an Initial Consultation before you book this appointment if you are a first time visitor to Mandurah Health.

Seniors – Standard Appointment

Senior Chiropractic Appointment
A seniors rate applies for senior Chiropractic patients. A reminder to please book an Initial Consultation before you attend this appointment if you have not visited Mandurah Health before.

Students – Standard Appointment

Student Chiropractic Appointment
A student rate applies for students aged 16 and over. Please book an Initial Consultation before attending this appointment and remember to bring your student card to your appointment.

Children – Standard Appointment

Chiropractic Care for Children Mandurah
This booking is for Chiropractic appointments for children aged 12 and under. Please ensure you have booked an Initial Consultation first.


CDM Plan Chiropractic

If you have a referral to Mandurah Health Chiropractic, please contact our front desk team to book your appointment.