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Last time we talked about active lifestyle habits, how to stay active and why. We also gave you some tips about how to achieve this.

Sit Less

​Sitting is the new smoking!
Sitting for too long can affect your health in different ways including increased risk of obsesity, heart disease, muscle ache, and osteoporosis to name a few.
Sitting less is important – no matter how active you are.

Why Is It Important?

Too much sitting has been correlated with poor posture and neck pain.
When you are sitting, you are bearing all of your body weight through the pelvis and spine, which causes low back pain.
Too much sitting has also been correlated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and colon cancer.

Tips For Sitting Less

Take regular breaks from your computer, for example every 30 minutes stand up and stretch or walk around.
Alternate between activities. You can try rotating standing tasks with sitting tasks across your shift.
Use standing desks for work.
Watch your favorite TV program while you are standing.
Move around the house while checking text messages.
Remember to stand up regularly. Try doing some stretches in that time.
Plan regular breaks on long car trips.